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Philanthropic Activities

Scholarships: SVQA awards yearly Fiber Arts Scholarships to students.
Fiber Arts Scholarship to a local student, high school or college, who is enrolled in an textile arts educational program. The objective is it to encourage the pursuit of education in the areas of textiles and sewing – art as it relates to textile and garment design and construction – whether it leads to quilting or not.  Sewing is a skill that offers a lifetime of rewards and endless possibilities. One of our members offered this: “I am so pleased that we put our money to such good use. Of the two things I learned in junior high, typing and sewing have proved most beneficial. Typing for my career in computers and sewing for my enjoyment and sanity. Even if a student does not continue on in textile studies, but continues to sew and enjoy, we have accomplished our goal. Sewing is a life-long skill. I am proud to be part our group.”
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Classroom Grants: SVQA encourages classroom quilting activities as a means to teach history; skills in math; color, design, art appreciation; and textile/sewing skills. The Harvest Quilt & Fiber Arts Show provides an excellent venue to exhibit class and student projects for community viewing. Teachers seeking assistance with classroom quilting activities or quilting materials and supplies should download the Classroom Assistance Request Form and submit it for consideration. SVQA will review the request and determine what resources they can provide. As profits allow, we will donate quilting books to schools for teacher and student reference.   
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