South Valley Quilt Association

Opportunity Quilt


Each year members of the South Valley Quilt Association make an exceptional Door Prize or Opportunity Quilt.  Money made from the sale of tickets for this quilt helps fund the admission free Harvest Quilt & Fiber Arts Show, the Textile Arts Scholarship and Classroom Grant Fund.  

The Opportunity Quilt is typically exhibited in local quilt shops, details will be posted in late Spring.  During the show it is hung near the Information and Ticket Table where you can purchase tickets. Ticket Information: $1 each or 6 for $5, can be purchased at the Quilt Show.  If you are unable to attend and want tickets you can contact us by e-mail and we will make arrangements. Drawing Information: Winning tickets will be drawn 4:00 PM, Sunday, at the Harvest Quilt & Fiber Arts Show.  You need not be present to win – we call the winner the minute their ticket is drawn. For additional ticket information, email VOID where prohibited.